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Zydeco Dance Style Video

Greg Benusa

Here is a brief lesson in the basic zydeco dance steps. There are many other steps and stylings which can be added to these steps. Contact Greg for private instruction in zydeco. Greg Benusa's contact number is 619-857-8409, and his Web site is Greg Benusa has a "Zydeco Blog" where he posts interesting stories, videos and links of interest to Louisiana music buffs. Check it out!

Harold on Louisiana Zydeco Live. Video.

Erin Brandt and AJ Gibbs

Erin Brandt and AJ Gibbs at Gator By the Bay. Video by Brad Sjoblom. Video

C-Z Video

The Hidden World of Ann Savoy — Musician, author, artist and historian of Cajun culture. Video.

Beau Jocque vs. Boozoo Chavis, 1994 Trailer.

Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys (appearances by Steve Riley and Buckwheat Zydeco, and Don Cravins, mayor of Opelousas, "Zydeco Capitol of the World") Video.

Balfa Toujours — Video by Brad Sjoblom at Gator By The Bay 2014. Video

Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic liv at Opelousas Creole Renaissance 2013. Video.

Cedryl Ballou and the Zydeco Trendsetters at KRVS.  Video.

Gulfport Swamp Opera on August 31, 2013 in Gulfport, FL. Video.

Goldman Thibodeaux — Paul Tamburello has a blog at where he posts video and journal entries on his travels, some relating to Cajun and zydeco dance events and artists. Here is a video of Goldman Thibodeaux who learned directly from Amede Ardoin and Iry LeJeune. Stay tuned for his story about 5 minutes in. Video.


Cajun-Zydeco Bands

Bam-Jazz (Cajun/Jazz/Blues/Latin/New Orleans)

Home: Charleston, SC

Trumpeter-vocalist Bill Averbach brings it home with vintage to modern jazz, blues, swing, jumpin' jive, latin, reggae/ska and more, influenced heavily by artists such as Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan, Louis Prima, Clifton Chenier, Dr. John, The Meters, and Bob Marley. The band plays that jumpin' jive so reminiscent of zoot suits and two-tone shoes. And when they play that New Orleans sound you can almost taste the creole and gumbo at Mardi Gras. Contact:, 704-966-6873. Website:

Bayou Brothers (Cajun/Blues)

Home: San Diego, CA

Bayou Brothers in San Diego:

Bayou Brothers with Euphoria Brass, Michele Lundeen and Sue Palmer on Piano: Walkin' To New Orleans
With a sound straight out of Louisiana's dance clubs, bayou festivals and backyard crawfish boils, the Bayou Brothers will rock you right on into "Fat Tuesday" delivering a rousing, rollicking, heart thumpin', foot stompin' musical gumbo y'all won't soon forget. John Chambers and Ric Lee founded the band in 1995, and since then they have been one of the busiest full-time Louisiana-style bands on the west coast with frequent appearances at major Cajun-zydeco dance festivals in California and annual concert tours throughout Europe. Contact: Ric Lee,, phone 619-791-1609. Website:

BeauSoleil (Cajun)

Home: Lafayette, LA

BeauSoleil at Tropical HeatWave:

Since their inception in 1975, BeauSoleil has not only spearheaded a cultural Renaissance but has elevated Cajun music to one of domestic and international acclaim. Along the way, they have appeared regularly on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion and garnered ten Grammy nominations. In 1998, they became the first Cajun band to win a Grammy for their L'Amour Ou La Folie effort in the traditional folk category. While they've introduced their sources of inspiration, Dennis McGee, Canray Fontenot, Varise Connor, Wade Fruge, Dewey Balfa, Amedee Ardoin and Freeman Fontenot, to new audiences, they've also daringly blended zydeco, Tex-Mex, western swing, blues, New Orleans traditional jazz and Caribbean calypso into their framework. Yet, it all begins with the preservation of a sacred culture, the lifelong calling of fiddling frontman Michael Doucet. "In the beginning, we mainly tried to get this music to the people in Louisiana. When I graduated from high school in 1969, we noticed that when people died, so did the culture, whatever culture they had with them. It was a transitional time, the old world French and the New World. So we had time to hang out with people of our grandparent's generation who could teach us the songs." Whereas most Cajun bands revolve around their accordionist, BeauSoleil's emphasis has always been on fiddle, showcasing it heavily in their arrangements. The wooden stringed instrument played with a horsehair bow was the lead instrument of choice before the advent of the diatonic accordion in the late 19th century when the repertoire consisted largely of fiddle tunes. BeauSoleil became a Cajun band of many firsts. They were the first to play the frottoir, the rubboard that's a staple in Cajun music's cousin genre zydeco. BeauSoleil was also the first Cajun band to record an Amedee Ardoin and a Dennis McGee song, the first to feature a female vocalist and the first to feature an acoustic guitarist, Doucet's brother David, who flatpicked his lead parts in place of the proverbial steel guitar. BeauSoleil has played Florida events such as Ybor City's Tropical HeatWave festival. Website:

Beth McKee (Cajun/Blues)

Home: Orlando, FL (Mississippi native)



Beth McKee makes frequent stops in Florida, and performs some outstanding original material. Some is danceable, and some is just a pleasure to listen  to. Check her out when she's in your neck of the woods.

Big Easy Playboys (Cajun/Zydeco)

Home: New Orleans, LA


Video on their website:
Booking:; (504) 475-4733
Management and production:; (504) 914-7256

The Big Easy Playboys are based in New Orleans but draw heavily on the Zydeco and Cajun cultures that thrives all around the state. Incorporating the classic instruments of cajun accordion and fiddle with the bluesy/roots rock sound of guitars and pulsing drums, ‘Louisiana Roots’ gives the listeners a dose of the music that lives and breathes life into the Big Easy and the surrounding communities.

Cajun Dave (Cajun)

Home: Tampa Bay Area


Cajun Dave's music is exciting & exhilarating -- you just can't get enough! His performances will have you out of your seats & coming back for more. Cajun Dave is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and plays many instruments, including Electric & Acoustic Guitars (6 & 12 string), Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Slide Flute, Bongos, Percussion, Bass, Triangle (Teefer), Spoons, Scrubboard (Frottier) and Squeezebox. Also major lead & background harmony vocals, and last but not least of course THE FIDDLE! He must have ants in his pants, cause he can never stay in one spot for a long time. Contact: Website:

Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole (Zydeco)

Home: San Felipe, TX


One of the brightest young talents to emerge in Cajun, Creole and Zydeco (Louisiana French) music over the last decade, Cedric Watson is a four-time Grammy-nominated fiddler, singer, accordionist & songwriter with seemingly unlimited potential. Originally from San Felipe, TX (population 868), Cedric made his first appearance at the age of 19 at the Zydeco Jam at The Big Easy in Houston, TX. Just two years later, he moved to south Louisiana, quickly immersing himself in French music and language. Over the next several years, Cedric performed French music in 17 countries and on 7 full-length albums with various groups, including the Pine Leaf Boys, Corey Ledet, Les Amis Creole with Ed Poullard and J.B. Adams, and with his own group, Bijou Creole. Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole will play at the 2011 Cajun Zydeco Festival in Hollywood, FL. Contact: Website:

C'est Bon Cajun Dance Band (Cajun)

Home: New York State


What do you get when the women of NY's top Cajun bands combine their musical talents? An all-girl, northeast Cajun dance band with attitude! The three original Cri Du Bayou members, Barbara Sanders on accordion, and Susi Mills (Bayou Road Krewe) and Jane DeLisa on twin fiddles, Betsy Fuller (All Night Ramblers) on guitar, and Evelyn Schneider (Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew) on bass. These harmonious sisters have been singing and playing Cajun music in the northeast for the last seventeen years, keeping the spirit alive and well. The will rock the house and keep you dancing all night long! C'est Bon Cajun Dance Band will play at the 2011 Cajun Zydeco Festival in Hollywood, FL. Contact: or (585) 683-7471; Website:

Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band (Zydeco)

Home: Churchpoint, LA


Chubby is the third generation of zydeco artists with such famous relatives as Roy Carrier (father), Warren Carrier (grandfather), and cousins Bebe and Calvin Carrier who are presently considered legends in zydeco history. Chubby began his musical career at the age of 12 by playing drums with his father's band. He began playing the accordion at the age of 15. By age 17, Chubby had begun to play with Terrance Siemien and toured the world for 2 1/2 years, before forming his own band in 1989.  Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band have recorded ten CDs over the past 22 years of Chubby's professional career. His band has traveled all over the world, performing to audiences in all parts of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada. North Africa and Europe. Chubby and the band travel 150-175 days a year, taking his act to big festivals such as the New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Chicago Blues Fest. Summerfest (Milwaukee), Memphis in May, and several festivals in Europe.  Carrier has appeared at Mojo Kitchen in Jacksonville Beach and other Florida venues. Members: Chubby Carrier, accordion; Earl Sally, rubboard; Randy Ellis, guitar; Dave Nezat, drums; Mark Metoyer, bass. Contact: Chubby 337-288-8893; Misty 337-344-1734. Website:

Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble (Zydeco)

Home: Sunset, LA


A drummer with Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie, Curley picked up the accordion and learned to play it well. Despite the great time commitment he had made touring with Delafose, he found the time to produce his first CD, Country Boy. Curley Taylor has been compared to the great Beau Jocque. He has produced four CDs to date. Contact: Website:

Dikki Du and Zydeco Krewe (Zydeco)

High energy zydeco with funk. Troy Carrier (son of Roy Carrier, brother of Chubby Carrier).

Home: Church Point, Louisiana

Video. Find him on Facebook. Contact:

Donna The Buffalo (Cajun/Blues/Rock)

Home: Trumansburg, NY


Band tours east coast, and will appear at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa on New Years Eve. "Legendary" is a word that gets tossed around pretty loosely these days, but if there ever was an occasion worthy of that superlative, Donna the Buffalo's recent two-night run at the recently-reopened State Bridge Lodge in Colorado is it. On Thursday, 8/18, the band came onstage at about 8:45 pm and played until close to 4 am --- a 7+ hour set! The setlist started out normally enough with Everyday and also included a new Jeb tune, Look to the Future, Tennessee River, an instrumental jam, On Our Way On, Rockin in the Weary Land, WV Rastafari, Little Wing, a cover of Lay Lady Lay, and more. The later portion of the night primarily featured Jeb solo, doing songs such as the Place That Lovers Do, Step it Up To Life, The Mystery, and In The Middle Distance. The next night, the band turned in a set that was "only" two hours and forty minutes. Members: Jeb Puryear, guitar and vocals; Tara Nevins, accordion, fiddle, guitar, scrubboard; Dave McCracken, keyboards; Vic Stafford, drums; Kyle Spark, bass. Contact: 607-227-2294, Website:

Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers (Zydeco)

Home: New Orleans, LA

“America’s Hottest Accordion” winner, Dwayne (Dopsie) Rubin, plays a unique, high energy style of zydeco. Dwayne hails from one of the most influential Zydeco families in the world. Although inspired by tradition, he has developed his own high energy style that defies existing stereotypes and blazes a refreshingly distinct path for 21st century Zydeco music. This singer/songwriter and accordionist has performed all over the world since debuting his band, Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers. Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers are ranked #29 on's "Top 100 Reasons to Visit Louisiana". Members: Paul Lafleur , Washboard; Kevin Minor , Drums; Dion Pierre, Bass Guitar; Brandon David, Guitar; Cedric Wiley,  Saxophone. Contact: Lucy Bertrand,, 514-844-8902. Website:

Dr. Zog (Zydeco/Blues/Funk)

Home: Austin, TX

Zydeco, Funk, Cajun, Blues, Mardi Gras, Boogie Woogie music & everything in between. The band gets audiences on the dance floor, participating to their high-energy show. Website.

Easy Street Bayou  (Cajun)

Home: Louisiana, Vermont, Florida

Both Lisa (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals) and Mark (mandolins, guitar, vocals), as a married couple for over 20 years, have been performing together, and with other bands, since the early 1980s.  They have been full time touring musicians for the last 17 years, specializing not only in their passion for Cajun and Zydeco music, but also performing for seniors in both Vermont in the warmer months and in Florida and Louisiana in the winter seasons.  In that capacity they have studied and performed popular songs from the 30s through 50s and also played in genres such as bluegrass through jazz to South American choro music. They have done extensive studio work and have been parts of many, many bands throughout the years. They each have created a solo CD of originals, mixed and mastered in Louisiana by Al Berard. As well as their present duo, Easy Street Duo, they perform seasonally with the Northeastern band Slippery Sneakers Zydeco band in addition to Al Berard Cajun Combo. Contact: Lisa Brande, 941-586-4476. Website:

Feufollet (Cajun)

Home: Lafayette, LA


Welcome to the world of Feufollet, a band both deeply rooted in the francophone soil of Louisiana and pushing boldly into unexplored yet utterly natural varieties of Cajun experience. Though famous for their renditions of heartbreaking songs and rollicking tunes, the quintet broke new ground on En Couleurs featuring originals that draw on deep roots tempered by a cutting edge of contemporary life. "We have always been about experimenting with Cajun music," explains Chris Stafford, who plays fiddle, accordion, and just about anything else he can get his hands on, "and that means adding new material to the genre. It was a decision; as we talked about the album, we knew we had to do as many original songs as possible.... Out of context, I'm not sure that if you heard songs like 'Les Jours Sont Longs (The Days are Long)' on an album with no accordion or fiddle that you'd ever peg them as Cajun," Stafford reflects with a smile. "But they make sense with other, more traditional songs and lyrically they're in Cajun French. I guess you could call it Cajun pop." Contact: Website:

Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie (Zydeco)

Home: Eunice, LA


Geno Delafose was born and raised in Eunice, Louisiana. At the age of eight, he joined his father's band, the Eunice Playboys, as a rubboard player and continued to play with the band until his father's death in 1994. He also appeared on the several of the bands recordings. He switched to the accordion in the early 1990s and started to play as an opening act for his father. In 1994, he debuted with album French Rockin' Boogie on Rounder Records. The name of this album also became the name of his band with whom he still plays today. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the "Best Zydeco Or Cajun Music Album" category for his Le Cowboy Creole album (2007). Band Members: Geno Delafose, Accordion/Vocals; Demetric Thomas, Rubboard/Vocals; Popp Esprite, Bass/Vocals; Germaine Jack, Drums; Dale Patrick Stelly, Guitar/vocals. Contact: For Booking Call 337-457-0982; Website:

Gris Gris (Cajun/Zydeco)

Home: Kissimmee, FL

Led by James LeBlanc on vocals and accordion, this well-established Cajun/zydeco band has been setting dance floors a-fire throughout Florida since 1994. A native of LaFayette, LA, LeBlanc has played with many of the Bayou State's top musicians in his 25 years of as a professional musician, infusing his playing with an authenticity that can't be learned from a book - it must be lived. As further proofs, LeBlanc speaks and sings in authentic Cajun French, his first language growing up in the heart of Acadiana. In addition to its authentic Cajun and zydeco repertoire, Gris Gris also offers country, blues and rock 'n' roll as appropriate for the booking and venue. Contact: Website:

Gulfport Swamp Opera (Cajun)

Home: Gulfport, FL

The Gulfport Ramblers Cajun Band plays the lively dance music of the Cajun and Creole people of southwest Louisiana. Whether it's a heart-breakingly sad waltz, a swingy Creole blues, or a bouncy Cajun two-step, it'll make you want to dance. The Gulfport Swamp Opera Cajun Band is composed of  players who have been performing traditional acoustic music for many years, and founding members Larry Enow and Maureen Kilroy previously had a popular band composed of some of the same players  in Atlanta known as the Atlanta Swamp Opera. Band may have different ensembles. Gulfport Swamp Opera on August 31st included Trent von Blaricom on fiddle, Larry Enlow on accordion, and Doug Landsberg on drums. Core Members: Larry Enlow and Maureen Kilroy. Contact: 404-822-4327,

Gumbo Boogie Band (Cajun, Blues, Country, Rock)

Home: Bradenton, FL


Emerging in 1995 as a primarily acoustic jug band with a Louisiana flavor, GB band cranked up the beat and electrified in '97. They serve up a tasty musical stew with good time, street party, New Orleans-style dance music, strong on Zydeco, adding swampy rock tunes and classic rockers to keep the party moving. Website:

Gumbo Limbo Cajun Band (Cajun)

Home: Gainesville, FL

Gumbo Limbo Cajun Band – simply put - is about Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, and Swamp Pop music and dance, with a little country thrown in for good measure. The band has been delighting audiences for more than a quarter century, and shows no signs of slowing down. They love to play traditional Cajun waltzes and two-steps, and also enjoy playing Louisiana swamp pop and some country classics. In addition to the music, Marietta and David Massey provide first-class Cajun dance instruction at many Gumbo Limbo performances. The hard-driving rhythms, exciting vocals and powerful melodies of Gumbo Limbo's music brings smiles to faces and gets folks MOVING. They can be found playing for dances, at festivals, and for functions both private and public.

Gumbo Limbo is: Mike Stapleton (founding member) – accordion, fiddle and vocals, Marietta Massey – percussion and vocals, David Massey – fiddle and vocals, Susan Marynowski – drums and vocals, Bill Paine – guitar, Bob Stone (founding member) – steel guitar.

For bookings, contact Marietta Massey at 813-244-8095 or

Jammin' Jambalaya Mardi Gras Band (Mardi Gras, Zydeco, Dixieland, Second Line, and party music)

Home: Orlando, FL


The Jammin' Jambalaya Band is the ultimate New Orleans style party band. They perform an exciting mix of Second Line parade tunes, Zydeco, Dixieland (traditional Jazz), Cajun, Blues and their stationary band can smoothly transition into rock, pop, and current dance hits of today. Available from 3 to 8 pieces and fully insured. Members: Mark Zauss, Kathy Zauss. Contact:, Band Source Productions at 407-851-3033. Website:

JB's ZydecoZoo (Zydeco/Blues)

Home: Tallahassee, FL


Hard rockin' Zydeco locomotive labeled 'ridiculously danceable' by the Tallahassee Democrat. They have released two CDs of smokin' ZydecoZoo originals. The band also covers Zydeco standards by Clifton Chenier, Beau Jocque, Buckwheat Zydeco, Keith Frank, C.J. Chenier, Boozoo Chavis, and many more. The band has played Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival, City of Jacksonville, FL. Sail Jacksonville, City of St Petersburg First Night, Pensacola's Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, The Three Rivers Music Festival in Columbia, S.C., Shreveport, LA's Mudbug Maddness, Mardi Gras Maddness on Clematis in West Palm Beach, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL Cajun and Zydeco Festival. Members: John "JB" Babich, Accordion; Missippy James, Guitar; Jiggs Walker, Bass; Martin Guilbeau, Drums; Keith McCraw, Rubboard. Contact: Harty Wiedemann, 850-875-2587, Website:

JC McNeil Band (Zydeco/Blues)


Home: Carrollwood, FL

Members: JC McNeil. Contact: Keisha Pickett,, 813.903.9247; Website:

Kevin Naquin (Cajun/Zydeco)

Home: Acadiana, LA


Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys have arrived! This time, the swamps of Southwest Louisiana have given birth to a young Cajun band that's definitely the "Real Deal." These guys play Cajun music the way it's supposed to be played, keeping true to their traditional heritage, yet pushing the limits of groove with a mature experimentation that's guaranteed to keep you dancing. Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys pack the dance floor every time with his pumping accordion rising like steam from the hot gumbo he calls the Ossun Playboys. Contact: Bayou Groove Productions, 337.873.6679. Website:

Kudzu Kats (Roots)

Home: Tallahassee, FL

Ben Banks--lead guitar, vocals, songwriter; Jan DeCosmo--washboard, percussion, vocals; Ksena Zipperer--percussion, vocals; Dale Driggers--bass guitar, vocals; Ellen Driggers--drums. Kudzu Kats, a Tallahassee band, is comprised of Ben Banks (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Dale Driggers (bass), Ellen Driggers (drums), Jan DeCosmo (vocals and percussion) and Ksena Zipperer (vocals).  The band's unique sound is due to the original songs it performs, penned by Ben Banks. Ben was raised in Lakeland, Georgia, spent the '80s in Athens, and later grew into the fabric of the blues and jazz scene in Chicago.  After leaving Chicago in 2008 he eventually landed in Tallahassee, where he met the rest of the band members.  (One of Ben Banks' original songs, "Artichoke Heart," may be heard on youtube at  Music and dance lover, Jan DeCosmo, was born in Apalachicola, grew up in Tallahassee, and teaches at FAMU.  She plays a variety of percussion instruments, including washboard (which she took up after hearing Cajun and Zydeco music from S.W. Louisiana for almost a decade).  South-Georgia native, Ksena Zipperer, was named after the 1955 Turpentine Queen of Folkston, Georgia.  Currently working for the state in Tallahassee, she sings in the choir and sings in the band for Unity Eastside.  Dale and Ellen Driggers are happily married to each other.  Before joining up with the Kudzu Kats, they played with a variety of groups, the lastest being vocalist/guitarist, Derrick McKinnon.  From Richmond, Va., Ellen has been playing drums since she was ten.  While living in Pennsylvania, at the age of 19 she was finally able to play with others when she answered an ad from a country band who said they needed a drummer, "male or female."  She has played country, rock and roll, jazz, and contemporary Christian music.  Dale is from Madison, Florida, and has been playing bass for country and rock and roll bands for almost a decade.

"Kuntry" Carter and the Kuntry Gals (Cajun/Roots)

Home: Tallahassee, FL


Raised in the Red Hills of North Florida and South Georgia, Herbert John "Kuntry" Carter was born with exceptional natural talent and started out like a lot of artists do --- singing in his small church choir along with his family, and nurturing an irrepressible need to express himself through words and music.  After doing a stint in the Marines and meeting some amazing people, Kuntry joined the Tallahassee Fire Department, where he served 15 years as a firefighter.  In the early 1980s, he decided to make a total commitment to his dream of creating a new classification of southern grassroots music that he has dubbed "Dixie-Phonics." Turning down an attractive offer in Nashville, he hit the road, traveling from coast to coast, covering almost every county in the country in a camper truck, selling 30,000 albums along the way (and keeping a file on every single person who bought one).  Until this day, Kuntry remains the man with the number one travel story in America and, if you get to hear him, you will hear about his travels in his music.  He recorded his CD with the Nashville Cats.  Hear his music ("Freedom Whistle Blow," "They Call Me H.J. Kuntry," "Mighty Mississippi," "Current Events") at

Lisa Haley & The Zydekats (Cajun/Zydeco)

Home: Los Angeles, CA

A fourth-generation fiddler, Lisa's mother's family were Irish immigrants, arriving in Roddy Bayou, Louisiana in 1718 to escape a smallpox epidemic. They soon married into the LeBoeuf, Broussard, Lambert and Thibodaux families. Born in Delaware to expatriate Southern parents serving in the Navy Reserves and Pentagon, Lisa is a descendant of Francis Scott Key, and also kin to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bill Haley, and Pocahontas. She spent many days of her early life in the South and began performing at age four. Lisa's CD "King Cake" was nominated for a Grammy award in the "Americana/Cajun/Zydeco" category. Lisa Haley appeared at the 2012 Florida Cajun-Zydeco Festival. Members: Lisa Haley on blue fiddle and vocals, Gee Rabe on accordion, Andy Anders on bass, Chris Ross on drums Contact: Website:

Nouveaux Cajun Express (Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Rock)

Home: Louisiana

Members: John Ortis, former members of Tout Les Soir. Contact: John Ortis, Website:

Magnolia Sisters (Cajun)

Home: Eunice, Lafayette and Grand Coteau, LA


The Magnolia Sisters is a band of women who can play the whole gamut of musical styles from southwest Louisiana: Cajun, Creole, dancehall favorites, and front porch ballads. Because of their many rhythmic styles they are loved by dancers, who marvel at the variety of fun grooves they play. All being multi-instrumentalists they switch from instruments to instrument during their shows. Much of the Magnolia Sisters music has been gleaned from long-buried Cajun musical jewels found their extensive archives. While these older songs are the more unusual aspect of their sound, they also love to play energetic Cajun dancehall and Creole numbers that bring the audience to their feet which they will undoubted do at Cajun-Zydeco Festival in Hollywood, FL in November. Contact: Website:

Nawlins Po Boyz (Cajun/Zydeco/Blues/Country)

Also known as "Caribbean Cajun"

Home: Citra, FL

Nawlins Po Boyz is a duet or trio playing Cajun, ZydeCajun, Zydeco, Blues, Mardi Gras, Dixieland, Rockabilly, Classic Country, Folk and Bluegrass,contemporary, Steel Drums, and many variety of ethnic styles. We also can simply play Accoustically for that genuine Fais-Do-Do sound and bring the Rubboard, Triangle and other percussion instruments for your guests to play along. Website:

Porchdogs (Cajun/Zydeco/Bluegrass/Variety)


Home: Winter Garden, FL

The Porchdogs have been playing Cajun and zydeco music since 1992, when Andy Burr (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Greg Taillon (Cajun squeezebox, fiddle, vocals) formed the band in order to perform the kind of music they loved but rarely heard in Central Florida. Though Andy and Greg often perform as a duo, the band also often includes fiddle, bass, and drums. They have released seven albums of mostly C/Z standards, and are available to perform at any events in the southeast US. The band is the only act that played all 15 years of the original Ft Lauderdale Cajun Zydeco Festival; they also have performed five years daily at the Florida State Fair, and 12 years daily during Bike Week and Biketoberfest at the Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach. They've had repeat or long-term engagements at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Cypress Gardens, Silver Springs, Bok Tower Gardens, and shows at many Fairs and Festivals throughout Florida. Contact: Andy Burr: 407-877-3010,; Greg Taillon: Website: Website:

Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys (Zydeco)

Video -- Live at Surf Club:

Home: Church Point, LA

Rosie hails from the rural town of Church Point, Louisiana, and learned to play the accordion by watching her husband and then practicing on his accordion while he worked during the day. With her self-penned tunes, Ledet provides a unique female presence in the male-dominated zydeco world. She sings in both Creole French and in English. Her songs are often sly and lusty, and combined with her natural good looks and distinctive, bluesy singing voice, she wows audiences wherever she goes. Since her interest in music began in the mid-1980's, Rosie Ledet and her husband/producer, Morris, have truly traveled the Zydeco Road. Rosie's performances have carried her throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and her tours include Florida venues including Tallahassee's Bradfordville Blues Club. 2011 Florida Tour dates: 11/10: Goodland, FL; 11/11 Cape Coral, FL; 11/12 Cajun-Zydeco Festival in Hollywood, FL. Website:

Tom Rigney & Flambeau (Cajun/Blues)

Home: San Francisco, CA

Video: Original Tom Rigney Cajun Tune "Hounded"

Flambeau specializes in fiery Cajun and zydeco two-steps, low-down blues, funky New Orleans grooves, and heartbreakingly beautiful ballads and waltzes. Their high energy live show features tight ensemble playing, deeply infectious grooves, and spectacular soloing. Most of the repertoire is composed by Rigney, but they also mix in a few classics from the Cajun/zydeco/New Orleans songbook. And if, along the way, you pick up a trace of Rigney's Irish roots or a little swing and roots rock n' roll, it just makes the musical gumbo that much tastier. In the past decade Rigney's skills as a composer have broadened and deepened, and he is today writing some of the most evocative and powerfully uplifting music you will hear anywhere. And Rigney's charismatic stage presence and high-energy delivery draw the audience into his performances and make them feel that they are an integral part of the music and the show. Flambeau has been tearing things up at festivals, dances, and concerts such as Ft. Lauderdale Cajun Crawfish Festival, Edmonton Blues Festival, Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Alaska State Fair, and the Spring Blues Festival in Ecaussinnes, Belgium. Contact: Website:

Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys (Cajun)

Home: Mamou, LA


The band is called Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. The guy in the middle holds a button-box that squeezes like an accordion, but shouts hallelujah like a big brass band. The fiddle cracks wise and warm, the guitar falls off the edge of the earth, and the rhythm section is purring rumble like a Coupe DeVille of shark-fin vintage. It all flows as a liquid-smooth groove, topped with three heartfelt voices harmonizing in 17th-century French from the steamy sub-tropics. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys began over twenty years ago with a reputation for excellence. Their stunningly clean and cohesive performance of Cajun French music from the backwaters of Southwest Louisiana propelled them into the world music limelight early on, and by their third release had garnered them a Grammy nomination in the worldwide field of traditional folk music, another in 2004, and then another in 2009. From the day they started, they have gone from strength to strength. Never before in Cajun music has a comparable wealth of skills been brought to the same table. When all that heart and all that skill focus on the revelry of a hot two-step, then turn on a dime and deliver an a cappella ballad, then play something that sounds like Howlin' Wolf fell in lust with a Creole girl, you've found the most Cajun music you can find in any one spot. You've found Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Band members: Steve Riley, accordion, vocals; Kevin Wimmer, fiddle; Sam Broussard, guitar; Kevin Dugas, drums; Brazos Huval, bass. Contact: Mel Puljic, 909.522-9494, Website:

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs (Zydeco/Blues)

Home: Hartford, CT


Back in the early 1950s, traditional Cajun and Creole music collided with the rocking Rhythm and Blues sounds that were sweeping the country, and a new style of music emerged. It was christened Zydeco, from a song popularized by Zydeco pioneer Clifton Chenier. The Zydeco we hear in Louisiana today is a popular and exciting dance music that owes much to Chenier and his contemporaries. River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs bring the exuberant sounds of the steamy bayous of southwestern Louisiana to the hills of New England. The Zydeco Hogs cook up a spicy musical gumbo that combines the traditional sounds of the button accordion and washboard with a driving, syncopated beat. Members: Blind Mark Thompson, accordion; Toad Eckert, guitar; Hog, bass; Andy Karick, vocals; Rockin' Robin Bean, rubboard, fiddle. Contact: Website:

Savoy Family Band (Cajun)

Home: Eunice, LA


The Savoy Family Cajun Band plays honed down, hard-core Cajun music laced with an earthy sensuality. In their hands, the old tunes have been revived and returned to new life. Marc and Ann Savoy and their sons Joel and Wilson are strong individual musicians working together to create a tight, intense sound. Marc and Ann have been performing and recording together since 1977. They have traveled all over the world, appearing in such prestigious venues as the Newport Folk Festival, the Berlin Jazz Festival, the Smithsonian Institution, the Getty Museum, and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Ann and Joel appeared in the film Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and they performed on the Warner Brothers Soundtrack, as well as at the film's premiere in Los Angeles. Maintaining a more acoustic approach to Cajun music, the Savoy Family Cajun Band can nonetheless hold its own among Cajun music lovers everywhere, and takes pride in drawing considerable power from four acoustic instruments. The Savoy Family Cajun Band brings the raw energy of the dancehalls of southwest Louisiana to the stage, peppered with humorous and informative anecdotes about life in the Cajun heartland. Contact: Website:

Slippery Sneakers Zydeco (Zydeco/Blues)

Home: Coventry, RI


Slippery Sneakers is a high energy Zydeco dance band that brings together traditional and contemporary Cajun/Zydeco roots music originating from Southwest Louisiana. Their sound is a spicy mixture of up-tempo Zydeco, Blues and Soul, Cajun waltzes, and a bit of Rock'n Roll, with a heavy emphasis on 'the groove' to keep crowds dancing. Slippery Sneakers has performed at nationally known Zydeco festivals all over the country, including almost every dance festival in New England, always to wide acclaim. Members: Robert Graves Leonard, Lead Vocals, Accordion; Mark Trichka, Guitar; Peter Breen, Bass; Lisa Brande, Fiddle, Vocals; Betsy-Dawn Williams, Rubboard, Vocals; Jack Moore, Drums. Contact: Robert Graves Leonard, Website:


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Cajun-Zydeco Dance Instructors

Sharon Stern and Dwight Dupree

Locations: Tampa Bay, Fl and Dances: Zydeco, Cajun
Teach at C-Z festivals across the United States. As Zydeco dance partners, Sharon Stern and Dwight Dupree emulate the minimalist Creole dance style of the Southwest Louisiana natives. Sharon:

Jerry Carrier

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Dances: Cajun, zydeco, Cajun waltz. Email: Jerry: 727-347-6600

Jane Hance

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Dances: Cajun, zydeco, "zyde-swing" (a blend of zydeco, west coast swing and lindy stylings), west coast swing, country two-step, night club two-step, waltz, ballroom. P.O. Box 13745, St. Petersburg, FL 33733. Email:eastwestswinger@ Phone: 619-203-1922. Website.

Greg Benusa, Zydecoach

Locations: San Diego, C-Z dance festivals, weekly at Tio Leo's

Dances: Zydeco, Cajun, Club Line Dances. Also: DVD, YouTube. Email: Phone: 619-203-1922. Website:

Ted Sherrod

Locations: San Diego, SF Bay Area, Louisiana

Dances: Zydeco, Cajun, Club Line Dances. Also: Zydeco DJ. Ted Sherrod, 10767 Jamacha Blvd #64, Spring Valley, Ca. 91978. Email: Phone: 925-819-2026. Website:

Dana DeSimone

Location: San Francisco, CA

Cajun, Zydeco,Clogging, Salsa & Cumbia. Email: Phone: 415-285-6285. Website:

Erin Brandt

Location: SF Bay Area

Dances:  Zydeco, Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, and micro-blues. Email: Phone: 650-520-1373. Website:

Karen Redding

Location: Long Beach, CA

Dances: Zydeco, Cajun, Cajun Waltz. Email: Phone: 562-708-8946

AJ Gibbs

Location: Long Beach, CA

Phone: 562-528-6626. "Mydeco" Zydeco, Line Dancing. Email:

Adam and Ali Grimshaw

Location: Portland, Oregon

Dances:  Zydeco, East Coast Swing, Waltz. Email: Phone: 503-977-9239

Janine and Roland Jemerson

Location: Portland, Oregon, instructors at Viscount Studio. Dances: Zydeco dance. Email: Phone: 562-708-8946.

Lou and Cal Courville

Location: Lafayette, LA

Dances: Cajun waltz, Two-Step and Jig. Check website for their instructional dance DVD. or call 337.234.6709


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Cajun-Zydeco Deejay

Jim Hance

Locations: Tampa Bay, Fl
Extensive personal collection of Cajun and zydeco music and artists from the first Creole recordings of Amédé Ardoin in 1929 to the contemporary blended Cajun and zydeco musical stylings. Music is curated for each dance giving even the regular dance attendee a fresh set of tunes each dance. Cajun and zydeco tunes are mixed for a different tempo for each successive song and waltz and other tempo tunes break up the sets at regular intervals. The goal is to give both the casual and “hardcore” zydeco dancer a great time without a pause. Drop by one of our dances and give us a try.  Phone: 813-465-8165. Email:


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